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Prepare to learn the skills of DARING leaders, those that truly step in and lean in to leadership, and uncover the barriers you are carrying that stop you from being full self-actualised and courageous. 


Research based diagnostic and profiling tools that help you create change for your teams, your self and your whole organisation. 

COVID19 Support 


We are a team of experts who guide businesses through uncertainty, challenge, vulnerability and risk and we’ve done this as a team every day for the last 7 years. We’re here to support you to make the most out of this current crisis. Contact us to have a conversation about the ways we can support you to get through these unprecedented times.

Support includes: 

– Advice and coaching for managers leading virtual teams

– Communication plans and deployment 

– Assisting your staff to adopt new work from home policies 

– Project support resources

– Online training packages 

– Managing change




Culture drives performance, profit and productivity. It impacts how you adopt new ways of working. Find out more.


To succeed you need brave leaders who are skilled in helping people to adopt new ways of working. Find out more.


Manage, adopt and engage with change – supporting digital transformation is our speciality. Find out more.

Transformation, transition, disruption, revolution, evolution, and change… or whatever you want to call it, people are at the heart.

Leading through change isn’t about motivating and managing. It is about inspiring the best in others by sharing the best of you, that means even sharing the times when you’re uncertain and don’t have all the answers.

The best of you is seen in how you turn up during challenge, how you lead, how you behave, how you embrace change, and how you leave people feeling as a result of interacting with you.

Lead with courage and put people at the centre of your transformation.


We work with you to deliver transformation, and/or we show you how to do it yourself. What suits you?

Michelle T Holland

Director and Founder of SynergyIQ



Our Consulting Work Flow

Step 1 - Understand Business

“Seek first to understand” – Stephen Covey

Step 2 - Design a Solution

“The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.” Richard Dawkins

Step 3 - Support and Evaluate

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus

Who we work with

Working with Natalie of SynergyIQ during my time at BAE Systems was extremely beneficial to the success of the projects under my management. Natalie was easy to work with and communicated at all levels within the organisation. Natalie applied a professional and mature approach to Change Management which I found complimented the projects and made communication with the customers we worked with well received.

Robert Mulyk

Principal Project Manager at BHP, Previously BAE Systems

“Novatech is a fast-moving company serving customers internationally. We work in a highly competitive market and have a strong focus on quality, and that’s why we focus so much on leadership and culture. With Michelle’s help we identified what our strengths and opportunities were and she has helped us to create a way to fix the gaps. She also helped us to bring our people along for the journey. I know other business owners will benefit from Michelle’s ability to dissect problems, and to help design a culture that works for their customers and teams.”

Leko Novakovic

Managing Director, Novatech Creative Event Technology

Our social enterprise serves an important section of our community and I want the best outcomes for them. That’s why, with Michelle’s help, we have focused so strongly on creating a highly collaborative and customer centric culture. Michelle’s understanding of what you need to do to create the kind of culture you need for your customer, and her ability to communicate this understanding is excellent. I know for purpose and commercial business leaders will benefit from Michelle’s experience and knowledge.

Sharyn Boer

Chief Executive Officer, Meals on Wheels SA

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