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We help leaders create world-class businesses where people are safe, valued, inspired and fulfilled.

From the C-suite to front-line, we partner with our clients to help them transform their businesses, think strategically, embed technology, develop their leaders and build sustainable capabilities and operational practices.

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Transforming Your Business Through Consulting

Are you curious about how to create a world-class business?

We want to show you the most effective ways to lead your workforce through transformation. Book a confidential conversation with us to talk about your business.

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Change Management Consulting

We specialise in helping guide businesses through change and uncertainty, as well as preparing for the inevitability of change. We help businesses become adaptable to whatever challenges present themselves and advise your leaders on how to be confident throughout the process of change.

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Resistance to Change – Action Guide

Why do people resist change?

Change resistance is commonly reported by leaders as one of the biggest barriers to success. It is illogical to stay stagnant when the benefits your business could receive by evolving are so apparent.

Discover the top 10 ways that people resist change and what you can do to tackle this problem and create a successful change.

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100 quick tips on how to improve your culture.

What can you do to improve the employee experience and culture of your business or team? Culture is the DNA of any business, so you can’t leave it to others to fix. Culture is an ‘everybody job’. We have created a list of quick ways to improve your culture. Here are 100 quick tips anyone can do that will create a more collaborative, positive, and achievement-oriented workplace.

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Business Excellence is our invitation to you to transform how your business operates.

Create a world-class business where people feel safe, valued, inspired and fulfilled, through achieving strategic, operational and cultural excellence.

We help you to create a business focused on excellence by aligning your people to purpose. Through clear vision and values, strategic objectives, effective operations and expectations, you can create an environment where your people are high performing and engaged.

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Evidence-based methods

In our constantly changing world, there is a great need for business leaders to have the skills to confidently navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity.

We help our clients navigate the complexities of transforming their business through consulting, training, coaching and project services. We use evidence-based methods which ensure you are 6x more likely to achieve your objectives and 2x more likely to do it within budget.

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Jumpstart your culture change

Read the definitive guide on culture written by SynergyIQ Director Michelle Holland.

Grab “Culture Inc” book for just the cost of P&H to get started. You’ll also get an audio version of the book to listen while on the go. Learning whenever possible maximises your most scarce resource, time! This is a great place to start for leaders looking for where to start.

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Transformation Academy

Many of our consultants are Accredited Practitioners and Facilitators setting the standard for this industry. We have a wide offering of training, coaching and development products and programs.

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About Synergy IQ

Synergy IQ is a business advisory firm that specialises in strategy, culture and change management. Through these areas, we help transform businesses by helping them adopt new ways of working. We are based in Adelaide, and we work with businesses Australia wide.

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We also provide free blog posts, podcast episodes and e-books for you to learn more about transforming your business.