What’s on your mind culture warrior?

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watch-icon June 30, 2020

What’s on your mind culture warrior?

What’s on your mind?

If you are a CEO or founder perhaps you are thinking about the sustainability of your business.

If you are the Operations Manager it may be the customer experience that’s on your mind.

If you are a people leader you might be worried about your people’s experience of the business or performance for the business.

If you are an employee you could be focused on your relationships or your career.

If you are in strategy and planning you are thinking about how people are using the plans and tracking performance.

If you are in finance you may be worried about the profit.

In IT you’re worried about the acceptance of new technology.

Governance you’re concerned about the risks for the business.

If you are HR your thinking about the capacity and capability of the workforce to deliver results.

I suspect you are seeing a pattern forming. Each role in the business is focused on their speciality. They are worried about how they can do the best for the business by using their expertise. What keeps them up at night is the reason for their role.

A role I didn’t mention is the one that I take on. I’m a business transformation specialist so I help each of these people to understand why they are worried, what’s happening to spark that worry and what they can do to create better and more effective outcomes… without the worry.

The biggest myth about culture is that it is behaviours and capabilities only. It’s not.

Values and behaviours is an avenue for changing culture. But it’s not the only one. If this is the only path you take, you’ll be spending a lot of money on programs without results.

You’ve heard me talk about this before, and you’ll hear it from me time and time again until I finally believe people get it.

So many people still associate culture with people only. People clearly have a big role to play. Ensuring that your people have the right behaviour, capabilities and capacity to deliver is essential. However, even if you have the most capable people on the planet they will be tripped up along the journey of your systems, leadership, decision making, strategies, and processes are not effective.

These very capable people will forge a way through and eventually they will create success. Many times with great personal harm including burnout.

Make it easy for your top performers to be successful. Get those systems fixed. Ensure your leaders have the right capabilities to make decisions and lead successful teams. Ensure your strategy is inspiring and easily translatable. Put simple systems in place that facilitate your performers to perform. Get rid of the ones that hold them back or trip them up and you will reap the rewards of these amazing people.

What’s on your mind now?

Hopefully, how can I improve my specialty area and make it easy for our people achieve success?

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Michelle Holland