When you invest in the wellbeing and resilience of your team you’ll notice:

  • improve efficiencies and effectiveness of the organisation creating resilience in people, processes and systems
  • increase productivity, innovation, and clarity
  • improve discussions and give you the courage (and skills) to have the tough conversation
  • reduce the time spent ‘sweating the small stuff’ and the fear of failure

We know that your people will go home fulfilled and connected to their work, increasing home and family lifestyle.

We Will Help You to Improve Productivity and Performance

Understanding the changing expectations of workplaces and associated mega trends in the community ensures our approach to wellbeing and resilience provides solutions to the current trends. Resilience and wellbeing are the subject of much research and current trends suggest that:

  • Resilience is not only a general wellbeing issue but also one of diversity and inclusion with minority groups having the highest negative indicators in our society.
  • Mental Wellbeing is now seen as an issue of groups not only an issue for individuals.
  • Resilience is characterised by a willingness to accept, connect, learn, fail, and bounce forward from adversity.
  • A growth mindset is one of the keys to sustained resilience and is characterised by the ability to accept and manage risk, resulting in, increased motivation, higher quality relationships and decreased stress and anxiety.

SynergyIQ provides an evidence based approach to managing wellbeing, change and culture. We draw on the expertise of Brené Brown PhD, David Rock PhD, Carol S Dweck PhD, Martin Seligman PhD, and Sarah McKay PhD to name a few.

Resilience Resources from some of our favourites:

Outcomes you can expect from our programs:

Increases in employee engagement 

Improves customer experience 

Emotional intelligence: enhanced personal and social competence 

Improved self-awareness and self-management

Higher levels of trigger awareness and relationship management 

Increase in interpersonal skills and compassion for others

Taking action: embracing change and trying out new behaviours 

Support/sounding board/accountability from an independent and objective professional 

Increase courage and tough conversation skills

Improved ability to rise and thrive after failure

We understand that one-size does not fit all.  Therefore, we offer tailored services for our clients.  This ranges from: 

Individual Coaching – Daily/Weekly | 30/60-minute | coaching & accountability 

Individual or Group – 90 min in-depth | team coaching | masterclasses

Group – online or face-to-face MasterClasses and Workshops embedded into your leadership program

Profiling & measurement tools available (inc: VIA/LSI/HBDI/Disc)

Full program – focused wellbeing and resilience programs for all staff

Live Workshop (3 hours):

  • Setting our intention
  • Armouring up process
  • Armoured Assessment (self-assessment)
  • SCARF (David Rock)
  • Courage and stepping into the arena (Brené Brown)
  • Self-defence 30 min session (light movement)


Live Workshop (3 hours):

  • Exploring Vulnerability (Brené Brown)
  • Emotional Literacy – including RULER (Marc Brackett)
  • Understanding Empathy and Shame
  • Anxiety, grief and forgiveness
  • Numbing, Scarcity and Perfectionism
  • Reflective practice – Art Journaling
  • Mindfulness and breathing practice (30 minute session)

Live Workshop (3 hours):

  • Growth mindset in action (Carol Dweck)
  • The stories we tell ourselves – SFDs (Brené Brown)
  • Strengths Finder (VIA – Seligman)
  • Strengths Reflection Practice
  • Resilient Mind and Body 60 min session (desk yoga and nutrition)

Live Workshop (3 hours):

Values and behaviour process (Brené Brown)

Living BIG

Setting and maintaining boundaries

Art Journaling Reflective Practice

Live Workshop (3 hours):

Rumble process and tools (Brené Brown)

Feedback – prepare, ask and deliver

Radical candour (Kym Scott)

Wired for connection (the story of Narcissus)

Locus of control

Seeking Feedback Preparation Process

Live Workshop (3 hours):

Rising strong process and tools (Brené Brown)

SFD Validation Process

In the arena without the armour

Armour Self-Assessment

GAP – gratitude, acceptance, presence

Self-defence (30 minute session)

All Modules are supported by pre and post support resources, including on demand videos, a group accountability session post workshop.

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