About Transformation Academy

SynergyIQ’s Transformation Academy supports business leaders and employees to embrace change and increase results. Every year change gets bigger, more complex and faster. This is caused by new technology, new generations, new ways of working, new thinking and new working environments. With our support your business will embrace the complex, manage the volatility and leverage the uncertainty to enable your business to go from good to great.

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Learning at its Best

SynergyIQ provide innovative and unique programs that focus on up to date research and evidence. Design thinking, strategy, creativity, open space technology, online environments, and neuroscience are embedded in our programs… oh, and fun… and results. We also partner with other experts to give our clients the best experience

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Don't Have the Resources to Invest Right Now?

No problem, grab Michelle Holland’s book “Culture Inc” for just the cost of P&H to get started. You’ll also get an audio version of the book to listen while on the go. Learning whenever possible maximises your most scare resource, time!

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