What type of culture do you have now?

Are you curious about your culture?

If you want a successful business its important to know where you are starting before you try and change. This culture resource gives you insights into your culture and what questions to start asking. 

The Famous Eight – Culture Types” gives you an understanding of the types of cultures and what you can do to improve or leverage them. 


Culture Stats

Businesses that investing in creating high performing cultures get big returns. Below are stats taken from Human Synergystics “Culture Matters Research”.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased productivity

Better collaboration

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Steve Jobs: Your Work is Sh!t 

Steve Jobs: Your Work is Sh!t 

Have you seen ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’? It gives fascinating new insights into the tech titan. About forty minutes into the interview, Cringely asks Jobs about his often harsh leadership style. Specifically, he asks Jobs, “What does it mean when you tell...

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