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With crisis comes more questions than answers, and lots of uncertainty:


“How do we keep the wheels turning during this time?”


“If my people aren’t around, how do I manage them?”


“How do we support our Board through this?”


“Will my business survive at the end of this?”

During crisis our nature pushes us into a ‘just get sh*t done’ mindsetThis is all part of the puzzle of business but can kill your outcomes and customer retention if unbalanced...

Strong, situational and compassionate leadership is even more essential now than it was 2 months ago. Your people will be looking for you to role model how they should respond and behave. 

Social distancing means you are working in a way that may feel unfamiliar and this is going to take some ongoing adjustment.  Delivering outcomes while in a new way of working is going to feel challenging.

You need to ask: 

  • “What are the opportunities in this?” 
  • “How can I care for my people?” 
  • “How can we leverage this time and innovate?” 
  • “How can we transition to a new way of working with ease?” 
  • “How do I keep myself strong and healthy while managing this challenge?” 

Our ‘Managing and Thriving in Crisis’ pack provides SME’s, Corps and Government bodies a series of tools to help you to ride through the current wave of uncertainty created by COVID-19.

Crisis Coaching and Advice

A ½ hour live weekly online session for 6-8 weeks with one of our expert coaches who thrive in change and challenge. We can ZOOM or Skype into your weekly Management meeting to help you through and/or keep you focused and on task. Ask us anything.

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  1. Advice for Management Teams in dealing with challenges during uncertainty. 
  2. Expert advisors who thrive in change and challenge. 
  3. Weekly or fortnightly (online) ½ hour sessions. 
  4. Monthly retainer included for 3 months access

COVID19 Safe Plans

Returning to the Workplace will be a big deal when the COVID19 restrictions are lifted. We will help you to make sense of it all and create a transition and safety plan that works for your business.

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  1. Understand your business needs
  2. Develop Safe return to the workplace principles
  3. Create COVIDsafe plan
  4. Communicate plan to your people.

Think Tank

Either in person, or if you are limiting your group contact, online conferencing. We help you leverage this time and find the opportunities through this 1 day live or virtual facilitated session. 

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  1. Leverage this time and find the opportunities. 
  2. Either in person, or online conferencing.  
  3. ½ to 1 day live or virtual facilitated session.  

Communication Plan

We develop your communication plan for your people. Stay in touch while virtual.

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  1. Stay in touch while virtual.  
  2. A communication plan developed for your people.  

“Skills Lab” MasterClasses

Live/scheduled virtual masterclasses to upskill your managers in managing and thriving in crisis. Eg: trust, leading change, managing virtual teams, people and emotions during change, using new technology (eg: trello, linkedin, skype, zoom etc).

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  1. Keep your managers confident in managing and thriving in crisis.  
  2. Live/scheduled virtual masterclasses (choose 3)  
  3. Example programs:

– “Sustaining Connection when Disconnected”,  

– “Managing Virtual Teams”,  

– “Innovation, Crisis and Uncertainty”,  

– Or you choose a topic and we’ll develop for you specifically. 


Espresso Shots

A series of short and snappy videos to give your leaders and people a boost. Don’t allow this crisis to erode your culture and skills. There are 20 modules to choose from. Choose 5 that your team will benefit from.

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  1. Use downtime productively to upskill.  
  2. A series of snappy skill-based videos.  
  3. Give your leaders and people a quick boost. Don’t allow this crisis to erode your people’s confidence and skills. 
  4. There are 20 modules to choose from. Choose 5 that your team will benefit from.  Examples 

– “Leading with Care”,  

– “Leadership Bounce”,  

– “Maintaining Trust”,  

– “Stay Calm in the Crazy”,  

– “Emotional Intelligence in a Virtual World”.  

Tools and resources

You have access to our communication and management templates and team resources for 3 months.

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  1. Access to our communication and management templates and team resources.  
  2. Monthly retainer included for 3 months access.

Email and phone support

Call us anytime you need to ask a question. We’re here to help. 

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  1. Call us anytime you need to ask a question. We’re here to help.  
  2. Month retainer included for 3 months 

REPLAY – Virtual Teams Webinar


Are you leading  a team during the current crisis? We understand it can be a volatile and isolating  time.  The current climate is creating a complex world, where the focus on leading people has never been greater.

We offer tailored coaching services for Leaders to provide a pathway to explore challenges, engage in new ways of thinking and making sense of what is happening in light of emerging possibilities.

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