Creating a Culture Ripple in Your Business 

ViVa Culture Reboot - All staff workshops

For organisations that want to increase their employee engagement, performance and connection to your business.

ViVa Culture Reboot takes your staff on a journey over 1-2 days to connect them with your vision and values (ViVa).

Outcomes include: understanding vision and values, aligning self to the company vision and values, behaviour and habit change, living the values, team work, and contributing to culture change.

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Advice on transforming your culture

A transformation of a business takes time, effort and know how. A good place to start is by looking at the way in which the business forms, flows and feels. You can learn more about the 3F model here.

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Before commencing your transformation

Make sure that you have a vision that is inspiring and sets the future direction of the business. The vision shouldn’t be able to be reached without a lot of dedication and effort. If you make it too easy then it won’t be inspiring. Just don’t make it impossible or you will loose your people from frustration. A balanced vision that is inspiring and achievable.

Also, your values must be focused on creating the kind of future you want for your business. The vision is the destination and the values are who you want to be along the way. Set clear values that are unique for your business and vision. Don’t go generic, or mix up company values with personal values. Trust may sound like a good value, but try and measure it… accountability is probably better.

Commit to doing the work needed to change your culture and business systems. If you engage in a ViVa Culture Reboot and you are not ready for change, you are setting yourself up for failure. Have the skills, budget and plan ready to leverage the momentum that is created through ViVa.

After a reboot

Leverage the momentum and energy created by this amazing program. You can change your culture and business outcomes by having a good change approach. If you need help with transformation and planning, contact us here at SynergyIQ, we are your transformation partner.

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