Educational Content – OCI and OEI Instructional Videos

The following videos have been provided to assist you to get the most out of your debrief session. They go through the model and the reports that are provided by the Organisational Culture Inventory and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (the surveys you recently completed). 

The results used in the videos are sample reports supplied by Human Synergistics and are for educational purposes only. They are not your results. Any similarity to organisational results is purely coincidental.   

Please note that SynergyIQ have a number of Accredited Practitioners who are able to debrief the data collected from the surveys. We do not own the copywrite for the surveys, the circumplex or the how culture works models. They are owned by Human Synergistics. 

Michelle Holland, your tour guide on the videos, is a Director of SynergyIQ and has been an Accredited Practitioner since 2010. She has worked with many organisations across private, public and not for profit sectors helping them create culture transformation using the OCI and OEI tools. 

This video is 28 minutes long.  

This video is 24 minutes long.  

If you have any questions or are curious about culture please get in touch.

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