Human Resource Management

Partnering with your leaders to manage effective people and workforce outcomes

With SynergyIQ you don’t need to hire a full-time HR Manager; you are engaging a HRM Partner back by a team of experts.

01. Support and Advice

We offer support and advice, just like an inhouse HRM without the price tag.

02. Team Engagement

We empower leaders to increase engagement and relationships with their teams.

03. Partnership

We are your strategic partnership in all things people, workforce and culture. 

Looking for an Alternative to Hiring a HR Manager?

Businesses reach a tipping point when the number of staff that they employ, out weights the previous methods of management. The simple ways just don’t work anymore. Around the time the business reaches 25-30 staff they start thinking “maybe I need a HR Manager to help me”. Then they realise, a skilled HR Manager will add $120k to their workforce bill. Which is a lot at this stage of operation.

Which leaves them with the only other option, lawyers and at $400 per hour charged by the minute it means that business leaders only speak to them when things go bad.

Would it be great to get the support of a skilled Human Resources professional to help you manage your workforce, without paying $120,000 each year. 

Performance Conversations

We coach and advise managers on how to prepare for and have successful performance conversations

Workforce Planning

We provide advice and assistance in planning your long term workforce needs.

Organisational Structure and Job Design

We help to determine your people and workforce needs beyond the basic conditions of employment 

Dealing with Conflict

Advice and support in dealing with difficult situations (eg conflict between team members), and provide advice on when to escalate it to the legal department.

Support for Managers

Helping your managers to have better interactions with their teams by providing sound board for them, and their team members, to understand HR matters at work.

HR Practices

Ensure HR policies, documentation, processes and knowledge is supporting the culture and long term needs of the business.

We can work with you in three ways:

1. Advisory and Consulting Service

We provide adhoc consulting (per project) or monthly (see below) advisory service for your executive team, management teams and leaders. 

2. Education and Skills

We work with your people to develop people management and leadership skills for your people.

3. In house HR Management Consultant

We can provide an in house HRM Partner and/or HR Director who works as a part-time or full-time resource in your project team.

Human Resources, and Organisational Design and Development Projects

Whether you are redesigning the way your workforce is structured, implementing a new performance system, need to plan your workforce of the future, or implementing new values and behaviours, SynergyIQ consulting team can help.

We specialise in developing and implementing the following HR and ODD projects:

  • Leadership Capability Frameworks
  • Organisational Structure and Design Reviews
  • Strategic and Operational Workforce Planning
  • HR and Workforce Strategies and Business Plans
  • Performance Management, Development and Action Planning Processes
  • Values and Behaviour Framework/Training
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Induction Programs and Strategies

We partner with you to develop the program artifacts/resources, the capabilities of the project team/workforce, and select the change methodology that fits your needs. 

Save with a Monthly Membership

Save on our regularly consulting rates by becoming a Monthly Member. Up to 30% off the regular rack rate.

NB: 6 month minimum for all packages. Does not include industrial advocacy in the commission or executive leadership coaching, this may be negotiated separately.

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