Do you Dare to Lead?

watch-icon November 16, 2020

Do you Dare to Lead?

In today’s clutter of leadership definitions, it’s hard to distinguish what defines leadership. And tougher still, if we can’t define what it is for ourselves, how can we develop as authentic leaders who make a genuine difference, both personally and professionally? 

In a recent study by Dr Brene Brown, 150 leaders from organisations around the world where asked what the future of leadership was. The overwhelming response from all these organisations was “the need for more courage.” Contrary to what some think, courage is not something you naturally have within you.   Courage is teachable, observable, measurable, and it starts by letting go of your armour.  (self-protection). It is clear that courage becomes part of the definition of leadership. 

Dare to Lead™ is an interactive courage-building program developed into four skill sets of courageous leadership. Over 2 intensive 8-hour sessions, you will learn and apply: 

Rumbling with Vulnerability 

Vulnerability is the emotion that we experience during times of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. It’s having the courage to show up, fully engage, and be seen when you can’t control the outcome. 

Living into your Values 

A value is a way of being or believing that we hold most important. Living into your values requires a clear understanding of your core values, having a strong sense of the behaviours that are in alignment with those values, recognizing when your behaviour is out of alignment, and course-correcting as needed. 

Braving Trust 

Trust is built in small gestures and over time.  It is an iterative process between two people or within a team that is based on behaviours in seven specific areas. These areas are captured by the acronym BRAVING (Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Nonjudgment, and Generosity). 

Learning to Rise 

The Learning to Rise process is about getting up from our falls, overcoming our mistakes, and facing setbacks in a way that brings more learning and strength. As tough as it is, the payoff is huge: When we have the courage to walk into our hard experiences of failure and disappointment and own those stories, we get to write the ending. And when we don’t own our stories of failure, setbacks, and hurt—they own us. 

Courageous Leadership is an ongoing journey. 

We feel fortunate to be able to share these Dare to Lead™ skills to help you pursue a more courageous way of leading self and others. Learn to be a courageous leader, join certified facilitator Michelle Holland for  Dare to Lead™ 

Michelle Holland