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Our Culture Training Program

Commencing a culture transformation program can be daunting for many people. It’s a complex issue and there are so many contrasting views. Many managers say to us that they are unsure about where to start. The Culture Ecosystem and Evolution program teaches leaders and team members how to understand business culture as living system and how to create an evolved culture.

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About the Program

Based on the work documented in ‘Culture Inc’, this 4 hour workshop bust the myths relating to culture, provides a clear understanding of how business culture happens, and lays the foundations towards creating the type of culture that you want in your business. Change the conversation about culture in your workplace to create real and lasting change.

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Available as: 60 Minute Keynote, and/or: 4 Hour Training Program Contact us for a no obligation free discussion about Culture Ecosystem and Evolution This program may be teamed with “Leading Teams Through Change” to create a holistic 1 day workshop for your leaders.

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Michelle’s dream is to create workplaces where people are valued and feel safe, and organisations that are great places to work and do business. Leveraging her interest in people and organisational development, she traded in her accounting career to pursue her undergraduate and graduate degrees in human behaviour, organisational development and ethics. In 2013, after holding a range of positions in human resources and senior management, Michelle founded SynergyIQ a management consultancy. Michelle now runs SynergyIQ with her two business partners, and a team of amazing consulting and change professionals specialising in leadership, culture, and change.

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