SynergyIQ Culture and Leadership Assessment Tools

Determine how your business culture is contributing to or holding you back from the success you desire. Contact SynergyIQ to run an assessment process for your business and begin your transformation. Online Assessment Tools coming soon.

Learn how the people within your business can help you create the success you desire. Learn more about yourself and others through a simple assessment tool. Contact SynergyIQ to run an assessment process for your business and start your transformation today. Online assessment tools coming soon.

Ask SynergyIQ about how your culture style contributes to or holds you back from the success you desire. A simple profiling tool is used to assess your style, the cost includes two individual coaching sessions that will help you to understand your style and the impact you are having. An action plan will be developed through this process. Online tools available soon.

Group workshop format also available. Speak to SynergyIQ for more information.

What our customers are saying…

We believe that success is best when it’s shared, here’s to their success!

Novatech is a fast-moving company serving customers internationally. We work in a highly competitive market and have a strong focus on quality, and that’s why we focus so much on leadership and culture. With Michelle’s help we identified what our strengths and opportunities were and she has helped us to create a way to fix the gaps. She also helped us to bring our people along for the journey. I know other business owners will benefit from Michelle’s ability to dissect problems, and to help design a culture that works for their customers and teams.

Leko Novakovic

Managing Director

Michelle’s passion for leadership, training & development coaching is amazing. SynergyIQ workshops and coaching sessions encouraged me to acknowledge that under pressure my preferred thinking styles will come into force. Since working with her I have been amazed at how many times her feedback has been 100% spot on. The biggest thing I have taken away from leadership training is a keen understanding of the multitude of thinking styles and their impact on positive and proactive communication.

Susan Borne

Manager, Environmental Services

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