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Creating Synergy brings you engaging conversations and ideas to explore from experts who help businesses adopt new ways of working. Discover innovative approaches and initiatives, new ideas and the latest research in culture, leadership and transformation.

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Working in the accelerated Future

Pete Holliday is an organisational futurist and business agility expert specialising in helping leaders and organisations be fit for the future and understand new ways of working. Pete’s specialities include creating agile teams & high performing cultures. He works with leaders of multi-national organisations, helping them to rethink leadership development, assisting organisations in redefining high performance in the 21st century.
In this episode, listen as Pete and Daniel talk about the future of work, modern leadership development, creating agile team and organisations and everything else that goes along with it in these times of change.

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Episode 5  |  50:50min

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Daniel Franco

Daniel Franco

Daniel has a passion to help people shift their lives and businesses to another level, regardless of their current success. His pure enthusiasm and joy for creating long lasting relationships is paramount to the success of our Clients and SynergyIQ.

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