COVID-19 Stay Safe and Flatten the Curve Together

At SynergyIQ we are committed to supporting the Australian Government’s actions to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. We are community minded and therefore are doing what we can to change the way we are working and supporting our clients. 

Please have a look below to see how we are responding to COVID-19. We monitor the below web page and will make amendments to our response as required.

Current at 1 April 2020

Keeping you (and us) safe

As the recommendations change so will our response.

The safety of our people and our clients is foremost in our minds. In addition to the items here we also follow appropriate care and our responsibilities in the Australian Work Health Safety Legislation and Standards.


We will meet and train with you online using Zoom, Skype or Teams. All our meeting are now online as our people work remotely.

Hand Washing

All of our staff are committed to maintaining increased hand washing practices.

Supporting your policy

Our consultants will abide by the policies you set to manage infectious disease.

No Social Contact

Although it kills the relationship builder in us, we have stopped shaking hands and hugging hello, and are now all working from home.

Staying Informed

We are maintaining a watchful eye on fact based sources to stay informed.

Anti-virus cleaning

Our equipment is cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning products.

Staying Calm

We are the calm port in the storm, we practice resilience to maintain our calm approach.

Stop work

Our consultants will stop working if they believe they are unsafe. They will keep you informed if developing symptoms of colds and flus, or have been overseas or in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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If you would like help navigating your way through the change caused by COVID-19 let us know how we can help.

A bit about SynergyIQ – We are a team of experts who guide businesses through uncertainty, crisis, vulnerability and risk and we’ve done this as a team every day for the last 7 years. We’re here to support you to make the most out of this current crisis. Contact us to have a conversation about the ways we can support you to get through these unprecedented times.