Let’s kill SMART goals and leadership training… for good!

There are many great ideas, there are many great thought leaders, and there are many many many great blogs you can read on the future of business, life, education, leadership and work. So what can I add that hasn’t already been said? Here’s what I’ve noticed that that has to change in a big way […]

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

What defines leadership? Is it a title someone bears? Or is it something more intangible, a sense of respect and loyalty that you feel for someone who you know has your best interests at heart? Peter Drucker, dynamic leader and management expert, said “All the effective leaders I have encountered—both those I worked with and […]

Do you Dare to Lead?

In today’s clutter of leadership definitions, it’s hard to distinguish what defines leadership. And tougher still, if we can’t define what it is for ourselves, how can we develop as authentic leaders who make a genuine difference, both personally and professionally?  In a recent study by Dr Brene Brown, 150 leaders from organisations around the world where asked what the future of leadership […]