Eight Types of Business Culture

When business leaders look to the future and imagine better ways of doing business it is natural to get inspired by the possibilities and overlook the impact that the current culture has on success. One thing we know to be true: culture impacts business outcomes, either in a positive or negative way. We have seen great businesses undermined by the culture of the business.

Culture matters.

To enable the success you want you need to understand your unique culture and how it enables, and disables, the way your business functions.

Following is an overview of eight types of culture and tips on what to improve straight away to move towards becoming a “Braveheart”. That’s the first tip – the “Braveheart” is what you want to aim for to ensure you are high performing and getting the results you want.

You’ll notice the Eight Cultures have been named after movies, this is not to be seen as prescriptive, rather its a fun way of highlighting a theme.