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Business Coaching Adelaide



Improved thinking, analysis, prioritising and decision making.



Clarifying direction, goals and values: individual, team and organisation.



Higher levels of organisational awareness and relationship management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

Our business coaching service helps you navigate through change, challenge and crisis. We’ll help you to explore challenges, engage in new ways of thinking. make sense of what is happening, and maximise emerging possibilities.

What is Business Coaching Valuable For?

Are you leading a team during the current crisis?

We understand it can be a volatile and isolating time.  The current climate is creating a complex world, where the focus on leading people has never been greater.

We help you navigate these unchartered issues, by being self-aware of how you show up as a leader and what you expect of yourself and others.

SynergyIQ specialises in one-on-one confidential, executive,  leadership and transition coaching.  We are passionate about enabling talented individuals to become highly effective during times of change in order to maximise their potential and performance, both for the individual and the organisation.

What Outcomes can I Expect from Business Coaching?

You can expect:

  • Improved thinking, analysis, prioritising and decision making 
  • Clarifying direction, goals and values: individual, team and organisation
  • Emotional intelligence: enhanced personal and social competence 
  • Improved self-awareness and self-discipline
  • Higher levels of organisational awareness and relationship management
  • Realise potential faster
  • Taking action: embracing change and trying out new behaviours
  • Support/sounding board from an independent and objective professional
  • Honest feedback 

Is your Coaching Flexible?

We understand that one-size does not fit all.  Therefore, we offer tailored coaching services for our clients.  This ranges from: 

  • Daily/Weekly 30/60-minute coaching and accountability sessions 
  • 90 min in-depth leadership coaching 
  • Tailored coaching sessions
  • Profiling tools also available (inc: LSI/HBDI/Disc)
  • Video conferencing across all current Australian time-zones

Where do we Offer Coaching Services?

We service all major cities in Australia, including, but not limited to:

  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth

Have more questions?

Small Business Coaching

We help all kinds of different businesses grow and develop. We work with both major corporations and small businesses. Many small business owners are hesitant to engage in coaching because they believe it may not yield a return on investment of their time and money. Unfortunately, the one thing many small business owners need to accelerate their growth is advice and guidance. If you are interested in reaching your full potential, let us know where you are struggling and we will cater our services towards your needs.

DIY Culture Starters – Action Guide 

What can you do to improve the employee experience and culture of your business or team? Culture is the DNA of any business, so you can’t leave it to others to fix. Culture is an ‘everybody job’. Here are 100 quick tips anyone can do that will create a more collaborative, positive, and achievement-oriented workplace. 

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Elders LTD
Elizabeth SargeantTechnical Project Manager

“Roxy brought a wealth of pragmatic change management knowledge and experience to our project. She instinctively knew where we would gain the most benefit and carefully guided the team through the change journey. As a leader, Roxy embodies an ethos of change. She readily approaches new challenges with an enthusiasm that inspires all those on a change journey to follow her lead. When Roxy’s time with us ended we had confidence in addressing change, a better understanding of the “WHY?”, and a great tool kit of resources."

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SA Water
Julie ArbonManager, Business Development

“The organisation had just been through a major restructure. I had a new role with a new boss in a different business unit that had a new General Manager. I needed help coping with the change as well as adjusting to the demands of my new role. I was fortunate to have several coaching sessions with Michelle of SynergyIQ. Michelle’s insights and guidance provided me with strategies to deal with the uncertainties and challenges that arose from the major organisational change. Michelle’s experience in organisational development shone through as she was able to navigate through some difficult people issues and offer practical solutions. I felt energised and very positive after each coaching session.”

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Meals on Wheels SA
Sharyn BoerCEO

“Our social enterprise serves an important section of our community and I want the best outcomes for them. That’s why, with Michelle of SynergyIQ’s help, we have focused so strongly on creating a highly collaborative and customer centric culture. Michelle’s understanding of what you need to do to create the kind of culture you need for your customer, and her ability to communicate this understanding is excellent. I know for purpose and commercial business leaders will benefit from Michelle’s experience and knowledge.”

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Enzen Australia
David ScarsellaGeneral Manager Next Generation Electrical

“SynergyIQ partnered with Enzen to deliver all the Change Management, Communications, Stakeholder Engagement and Information Deployment for our client who underwent an IT Separation. The SynergyIQ team went above and beyond, often doing more than their scope of work in order to help the team achieve the desired outcome. SynergyIQ are a delight to work with and provide a quality organisational change team. Michelle, Daniel and the team go to lengths to achieve high-quality results for their clients. Highly Recommended.”

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Leko NovakovicManaging Director and Founder

“Novatech is a fast-moving company serving customers internationally. We work in a highly competitive market and have a strong focus on quality, and that’s why we focus so much on leadership and culture. With SynergyIQ’s help we identified what our strengths and opportunities were and she has helped us to create a way to fix the gaps. Michelle helped us to bring our people along for the journey. I know other business owners will benefit from Michelle’s ability to dissect problems, and to help design a culture that works for their customers and teams.”

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