Example Case Study –

Values and Behaviours


  • Large Community Services Organisation.
  • 1800 employees and 1000 volunteers, they provide community services across Australia.
  • 45 senior managers and executives.


  • New values
  • Observed conflict and dysfunction within key teams
  • Leadership changes had occurred and a consistent message had not been communicated.
  • Had noticed inappropriate behaviors and wanted to run bullying and harassment training.


  • Values implementation program developed, that included workshops for managers to implement values with their teams, a train the trainer program with key internal facilitators to continue supporting the business and implement training for all 1800 staff, and targeted training sessions for ‘teams in crisis’.
  • The program workshops included post-program activities run by the team leaders and managers, to implement the values and the meaning provided by the team into day to day practice.


  • Over 300 managers and employees were supported by SynergyIQ.
  • Executive team have a consistent message being provided across the business.
  • Bullying and harassment principles and legislation was embedded into the program to ensure people had an understanding of what was expected.
  • The conversations that were had at the workshop centered on the values, which included servant leadership and equity. The conversation with people of diverse backgrounds was inspiring and many people thanked us for the opportunity to talk with their colleagues about these important issues.