‘So now there’s different colours
And there’s different breeds
And different people
Have different needs
It’s obvious you hate me
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve never even met you
So what I could I have done’ Depeche Mode 1984

The 70’s brought us boho chic, glam rock, suede, fringing and bell bottom pants (writing this has just made me realise I have described my current wardrobe!!)  It was also a hippy era of love and peace, so how did we manage to lose this?

By the 80’s, Depeche Mode couldn’t understand why people hated them when they had done nothing wrong – and they had not even met these people! Was this the start of the slippery slope?

In 2020 could it be the digital age we are striving for in every business is encouraging this behaviour? We send thousands of messages to people we never meet, so does it matter if they like me? We just want results and we want them now at any cost, but what is that cost?

So…Is the digital era to blame (I know a lot of people do blame it), or have we just forgotten who we are as people?

Collectively we form the biggest team on the planet…welcome to the human race!

We are HUMANKIND – what?! Wait…. There’s even a clue in our name!!

So why do we find it so hard to be kind to our fellow team members?

Sadly, people are not raised to be kind and we don’t always know how to accept kind actions – we are always suspicious. There’s no such thing as a free lunch after all, right?

This is not to say that debate and challenging ideas in the working environment isn’t healthy… it is, some of my best solutions have appeared to me after heated debates in the boardroom.

Don’t always look for the quick way to get things done, yeah sure email is quick but think twice before you send it. Being kind has huge rewards, but it also takes effort, patience and time to reap these rewards.

Can we only hope to find amazing and open-minded people? Well that would help – but then you have to hang on to them and that takes work too! But what if your actions can have a snowball effect? We have all seen how one smile can be contagious.

So, my fellow team I ask this of you all: be kind and accept kindness – let’s make the world a better place. Take a hard look at yourself. Be Brave…it’s­ well worth it.

Brene Brown is a prime example of someone who has unpacked their beliefs and challenged her internal status quo. It’s okay not to like some of what you see, but recognising it is the biggest step – even if you hide it away under your bed for a while.

I have been fortunate to attend a Dare to Lead course and, even though I thought I was quite self-aware it’s good to take time out and remember what you value and what makes you who you are.

I now catch myself emailing, and decide to walk and talk to someone or telephone them – remembering to ask how they are and having a fun conversation (generally that’s around me doing something stupid – I have learnt to laugh at myself and my clumsiness… like wearing a turmeric latte when I manage to spill it over my white pants!! Did you know how yellow Turmeric is, I wouldn’t recommend trying it!

Have beautiful smiles, radiate Kindness – reap the rewards …..Go Team HUMANKIND!


Roxy has a strong change and transformation background with large scale corporation change programs across diverse businesses. She is experienced in leading teams to drive change across the whole organisation, through strong communication, establishing buy in and driving momentum with a structured process. Roxy is passionate and dedicated to a high quality service for her clients. With global experience and an adventurous nature she delivers world class consulting service.


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