Example Case Study –

Flexible and Diverse


  • Local government organisation.
  • 600 employees and 800 volunteers, they were a diverse council area and therefore the employees were spread over 20+ sites.
  • 30 senior managers and executives.


  • Wanted to increase women in leadership positions
  • Increase employee diversity to match community
  • Disability Access and Culture Awareness
  • Inflexible working arrangements and cumbersome application and approval process


  • Change in flexibility conditions and increase workplace flexibility (including paid maternity, and purchased leave)
  • Leadership program design for emerging female leaders (called FLIP)
  • Mentoring program
  • Staff working group established called “COMPANYNAME Diversity”
  • Working group established a fun communication program to increase conversation and awareness (including “Global Village Morning Tea”)
  • LSI and HBDI profiling for all participant


  • Using the LSI diagnostic from Human Synergistics, the leadership styles review showed a trend upwards for leadership capability.
  • Using the ABEF – a marked increase in confidence in leadership, and people practices was recorded.
  • 20 participants in the inaugural FLIP program.
  • 5 participants received professional promotions within 2 years of completion
  • Unconscious bias training conducted for all leaders
  • Diversity toolkit created
  • Increased women in leadership positions to 43% within 2 years
  • Increased council gender diversity 50% (including female mayor)
  • Award – LG Excellence Award for Advancing Women in the Workplace

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