Example Case Study –

Culture of Service Excellence


  • Large Utilities organisation.
  • 1500 employees
  • 45 senior managers and executives
  • 12 month program (lead project)


  • To create a constructive culture and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Culture of service excellence required
  • Leadership capability in culture
  • Business process inefficient
  • Strategy, vision, and values needed upgrade


  • Culture change management program
  • Culture transformation strategy
  • Leadership capabilities and development programs
  • Executive coaching in change
  • Culture program for all staff (2 day training)
  • New values created and implemented
  • Strategy and brand aligned to culture objectives
  • Customer service program implemented
  • Increased capabilities of internal change team

Results (within 12 months):

  • All staff engagement scores increased by 10 points
  • Culture audit (OCI) positive shift 10 points in all categories
  • Programs developed and deployed
  • 2100 staff (plus partner companies) trained in culture, behaviour and values
  • All business systems reviewed and reprioritised
  • New values implemented into people systems

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