Adelaide Transformation Network

are you ready to transform the way we work, live and interact with each other?

Start with Why

At SynergyIQ we get together regularly to blue sky think… at a session in early 2019 a key idea kept creeping into our conversation….

Imagine what could happen if all the brilliant minds and skills, from all of the different kinds of people involved in transformation were to come together… what were the possibilities for Australia?

What if we could bring this group together and facilitate transformation conversations and enable a space for collaboration across disciplines? 

So we created the Adelaide Transformation Network!

We hope this group provides opportunities for excellence and ideally will inform public policy and the South Australian Government to build the capability to help transform SA. The Network is a team of people who understand business transformation and have a positive impact through their roles, experience, drive and exuberance. 

Exuberant… is how we describe the people involved in the network. They do not see themselves as a “Jack of All Trades”… they are people that are passionate about the idealism and knowledge they bring… and they want to share it with like-minded people. 

If this sounds like you then you are invited to join our network. It will be a place to share transformation opportunities, showcase new thinking and challenge old thinking. We hope to see you there. 

Join the Next Transformation Events

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Join us to hear from Jim Birch on his experience with mergers, including the merger of the Adelaide Children’s Hospital with the Queen Victoria Hospital in 1995 to create the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s hospital.

Transformation Network – Transforming without a rule book

Transformation Network – Transforming without a rule book

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